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CANMET/ACI International Seminar on Cement and Concrete with High-Volume Fly Ash

On November 29, 2000, the "International Seminar on Cement and Concrete with High Volume Fly Ash" was held in Lyon, France. The seminar was organized by CANMET/ACI.

The reports as listed below were presented:

  1. Mehta, P.K.: Durability - Critical Issues for the Future

  2. Collepardi, S., Coppola, L., Troli, R., Collepardi, M.: High Volume Fly Ash Blended Cements According to European Standards for High Performance Concrete

  3. Biledeau, A., Malhotra, V.M.: High Volume Fly Ash System: the Concrete Solutionfor Sustainable Development

  4. Langley, W.S.: Practical Uses for High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete Utilizing a Low Calcium Fly Ash

  5. Naik, T.R., Singh, S.S., Kraus, R.N., Ramme, B.W.: Long-Term Performance of High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete Pavements

  6. Fournier, B.: The Role of Fly Ash in Controlling Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete

  7. Golden, D.M.: The U.S. Power Industry's Activities in Expanding Fly Ash Utilization in Face of Lower Ash Quality

  8. Bremmer, T.W.: High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete for Marine Applications

  9. Ambroise, J., Pera, J.: Self-Compacting Concrete using High Volume Fly Ash

  10. Bouzoubaa, A., Lachemi, M.: Self Compacting Concrete Incorporating High-Volumes of Class F Fly Ash: Preliminary Results

  11. Seabrook, P.T.: Implementation of HVFA Concrete as an Approach to Sustainability in Western Canada

Copies of the reports are available at the ECOBA Secretariat!

Jochen Feuerborn from 2001-11-29