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EUROCOALASH serves as synonym for a series of European conferences to highlight the use the CCPs as valuable raw and construction materials in the European construction industry. The conference will be organised every two years in another European country to meet the different situation in CCP and market situation. By this, the focus of the conference is subject to change to respect the situation in that country/area. By this, the EUROCOALASH will be on the move! - Perhaps also to your country, your region! 

ECOBA serves as co-organiser of the conference as the EUROCOALASH conference is one of the tools to exchange experience and to inform about new developments.


The EUROCOALASH 2019 was held June 10-12, 2019 in Dundee, Scotland/UK. The conference was organised by the Concrete Technology Unit at the University of Dundee and dealt with all aspects on concrete and binder technology with ashes. The list with topics of interest is given in the final programme for the conference. 

The proceedings and the presentations are availabel here.

More information about the the Concrete Technology Unit at the University of dundee you find here


The EUROCOALASH 2017 conference was held on February 6-8 in Brno, Czech Republic. Subtitled with "Innovations in Power Plant Technology and CCPs Utilisation" interested parties were updated on production of CCPs in the power plants and the use of CCPs as valuable raw and construction materials in different types of applications.

The programme is availabel with: programme_invitation_EUROCOALASH2017

The proceedings are available from the organiser. Contact via VUT:


The EUROCOALASH 2014 was held October (13) 14/15, 2014 in Munich, Germany. The programme covered the most update information on ongoing research work on reactivity and activation of fly ash for use in cement, concrete, ceramics and special binders as well as processing options. In addition, the legal situation on status and use of CCPs as well as the future environmental testing and evaluation of products has been reported.

Furthermore, a "Fly Ash Research Workshop" was held October 13, 2014 in Munich, the day before the EUROCOALASH. The Research Workshop on "Durability of Fly Ash Concrete" was organised to allow especially face to face discussion of young researchers about ongoing or recently finished research projects. In addition to durability also the reactivity of fly ash and the use in road construction was investigated due to the different situation in member states

The programme for the conference is given with the invation to the conference, the programme of the workshop with the invitation to the workshop.

For the proceedings please see: http://


The EUROCOALASH2012 conference was held September 25-27, 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The conference programme cover reports from many countries regarding regulative aspects, management, marketing, beneficiation, new developments and fundamental research. The proceedings are available from EVIPAR website with the following link (


The EUROCOALASH 2010 conference was held on May 27-28, 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The proceedings are available at the website of IDA- The Danish Engineers Association.

The presentations are given below:

CCPs in Europe – production, quality and use, today and tomorrow

Hans-Joachim Feuerborn, ECOBA

Legally waste – practically products

Hans Thamm, BVK/Germany

Effective management of the link between coal type and CCP quality

Niocolai Bech, Vattenfall/Denmark

Fly ash for concrete - the new EN 450

Jan van den Berg, Vliegasunie/The Netherlands

Use of calcareous ash in civil engineering

Ioannia Papayanni, University of Thessaloniki/Greece

CCPs used in road construction

Tomasz Szczygielski, Polish CCP Union/Poland

Flue Gas Desulphurization Gypsum as a raw material

Jörg Demmich, Knauf AG, Germany

The use of Furnace Bottom Ash for lightweight concrete

Lindon Sear, UKQAA, UK

Properties of coal ash in Russia

Irina Putilova, Moscow Power Engineering Institute/Russia

Fly ash in cement – a wi n-win solution

Gunnar Syvertsen, Heidelberg Cement Group/Norway

Impact of DeNOx- DeSOx installations on CCP quality

Dirk Porbatzki, EON-Engineering/Germany

Ash beneficiation to serve the industrial market

Peter Quinn, ScotAsh/UK

European Technical Approval for mixed coal ash: A Portuguese experience

Fernando Caldas-Vieira, EDP/Portugal

Smart fly ash solutions

Mathias Berghahn, Evonik Degussa/Germany

Development of coal combustion in Europe

Andreas Hugot, EVONIK Power Minerals/Germany

CCP research in Denmark

Flemming Frandsen, DTU Chem. Eng. Institute/Denmark

Processing of fly ash - new developments

Peter Brennan, Hargreaves/UK

Environmental and health aspects of coal co-combustion ash

Henk te Winkel, KEMA/The Netherlands


The EUROCOALASH 2008 conference was held on October 6-8, 2008 in Warsaw, Poland.

For the proceedings please contact the UPS secretariat: