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"Towards a Sustainable Cement Industry: Substudy 8 - Climate Change." - Battelle report published

Information received by the Ohio State University.

The Ohio State University have informed on a report issued in March by Battelle titled "Towards a Sustainable Cement Industry: Substudy 8 - Climate Change." The report was prepared as a part of large project that Battelle carried out for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development for the global cement industry.

The report favorably projects the use of fly ash blended cements as a conventional CO2 management approach. The report states that the use of pozzolans such as "blast furnace slag, fly ash, and natural pozzolans for clinker substantially reduces process-related CO2 emissions. It represents one of the best technically proven approaches for reducing process emissions." The report further suggests advanced CO2 management options such as "Hybrid Energy-Cement Plants" in which the fly ash and bottom ash may be converted to cement clinker.

A copy of the report is attached in pdf format. Information of interest to CCP stakeholders can be accessed on pages vi, 16-19, 26, and 27 of the report (PDF 825K) News/04.06.02.ss8.pdf. For more information please contact the secretariat.

Joachim Feuerborn from 2002-06-04