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ASHTRANS2016 now in Lisbon

The ASHTRANS 2016 conference will be held on October 17/18 and is relocated to Lisbon, Portugal. The change of date and place is due to a close cooperation with CoalTrans.

ASHTRANS is the international meeting platform for Byproducts logistic and trading. The conference serves as a platform for commercial meetings, to exchange views and to meet with potential commercial partners for setting up deals or just to evaluate new possibilities. It is of interest for producers and users of all byproducts from the energy industry as well as for the Building material industry and the transportation industry. The same interest applies to traders of these products and those who engage in any kind of transportation and logistic solutions related to the products of interest. The conference may also be relevant for certifying bodies, authorities and environmental interested parties, as well as deposition plant companies.

AshTrans has been offered since 2013 and is open again in 2016 for a new inspiring conference but instead of Manchester, UK it will be held in Lisbon, Portugal October 17-18 concurrently with the World Coal leaders Network meeting at the Epic Sana hotel.

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Joachim Feuerborn from 2016-07-06