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ACAA report March and April 2002

Corey Trench,Executive Director of ACAA, reports on activities in March and April 2002

Corey Trench have sent the working report of ACAA for March and April 2002, which is attached for your information.

The report was written for ACAA members. In his letter Corey Trench explained as follows:

It has been a busy few weeks. See the attached Acrobat Reader file.

Want to call your attention to:

(1) the St. Louis ACAA Meeting (June 3 - 4). We will have a Workshop on

Mercury on Tuesday the 4th. DOE NETL's Lynn Brickett and USWAG's Jim Roewer will be participating along with others. We will be publishing a revised agenda on the web site, shifting the workshop to Tuesday and regular business taking place on Monday,

And ....

(2) the 7th Annual Gypsum and Fly Ash is taking place in Toronto, CA June 1 - 4, 2002. George Venta tells me that the Early Bird Registration has been extended until April 3Oth and that there will be many interesting papers on the latest developments. ECOBA will be there. See details on the web site .

(PDF 46k) news23.04.02.MarAprActs041202.v1.pdf

Joachim Feuerborn from 2002-06-04