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REACH Registration of calcium sulphate – new group formation for sharing cost for Korean studies – deadline for contact October 15

This is only of importance for companies which have not registered calcium sulphate by December 2010 (deadline for phase-in substances in tonnages more than 1000t). This is the case for those companies producing (or importing) a smaller tonnage band and having not yet registered (next deadline is 1.06.2013 for tonnage band more than 100t) and for "new" companies or new power plants.

Producers (or importers) of calcium sulphate (natural and FGD gypsum) should join the calcium sulphate consortium for registration. For calcium sulphate however, two so called letter-of-access have to be requested:

- one from the consortium for the joint dossier and

- one for using rights of toxicity studies owned by the Korean state and used in the joint registration dossier.

The ownership rights for use in the joint dossier were granted for the specific number of consortium members listed at the time of negotiation in 2010. New parties can share the cost for the letter-of-access for using rights of the Korean studies. SILC Fertilizzant Srl is now searching for parties interested in the registration of calcium sulphate and reduced cost for the letter-of-access for the Korean studies. In case you have to register calcium sulphate due to a new company name (new company or re-organisation) we advice to contact Mr Verni ( before October 15.

Note: for other CCPs there is a need for only one letter-of-access to the consortia – contact details see ECOBA website

Jutta Hänsch from 2012-09-16