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EUROCOALASH 2014, October 13-15 in Munich// Research Workshop October 13 – Programmes released

We would like to inform you that the programmes for the EUROCOALASH 2014 conference starting in the evening of October 13 and ending in the afternoon October 15 as well as for ECOBA Research Workshop on October 13 has been released.

The programme for the EUROCOALASH 2014 conference covers the most update information on ongoing research work on reactivity and activation of fly ash for use in cement, concrete, ceramics and special binders as well as processing options. In addition, the legal situation on status and use of CCPs as well as the future environmental testing and evaluation of products will be reported.

The Research Workshop on October 13, 2014 in Munich focus "Durability of Fly Ash Concrete" where especially young researchers will report about ongoing or recently finished research projects on durability aspects for fly ash concrete and discuss the results with experts. In addition to durability also aspects about reactivity of fly ash and the use in road construction will be reported due to the different situation in member states.

The programmes and registration forms are given below. (See attached files: Invitation_Programm_EUROCOALASH2014.pdf, Registration_form_EUROCOALASH_2014.pdf)

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us with (See attached files: RESEARCH_Workshop_Invitation_Programme.pdf, Research_Workshop_Registration.pdf)

Jutta Hänsch from 2014-09-26