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Waste Strategy - European Commission has to define i.a. reuse, recycling ...

The "Communication from the Commission: Towards a thematic strategy on the prevention and recycling of waste"" described the reasons for a thematic strategy on prevention and recycling of waste and invited to discuss i.a. potentials for waste prevention as well as options to promote recycling, i.a. development of material based recycling targets and identification of unnecessary burdens on the recycling industry.

In its comment on the communication ECOBA proposed to exclude industrial residues from the definition of "waste" and to consider them products if the production process is controlled to meet the requirements of the industriy (e.g. standards, specifications), and if the product is offered to the markets as secondary raw material to replace natural raw materials. The ECOBA comment is attached:


Based on the numerous comments a draft resolution on the thematic waste strategy was presented by Mr Karl-Heinz Florenz to the European Parliament's Environment Committee in February 2004. At their meeting in March 2004, the Committee voted on the Florenz report, which is attached for your information. Based on the vote the Committee calls on the Commission to define "environmental impact", "waste prevention", "reuse", "recycling", "recycler", "recovery" and to distinguish waste and non-waste, and recovery and disposal as soon as possible. "Reuse" would be separated from "recovery" and promoted in its own right. The report of Mr Florenz is attached:


Joachim Feuerborn from 2004-06-01