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ECOBA Conference "Coal Combustion Products in Europe - Sustainble Materials for the Future" on June 8/9, 2005 in Brussels

On June 8/9, 2005 ECOBA is organising a conference in Brussels titled "Coal Combustion Products in Europe - Sustainable Materials for the Future".

Prof. Helmut Schmitt von Sydow, Director for Conventional Energies of Directorate-General Energie and Transport, will give the keynote speech on "European Commission Clean Coal Policy". Specialists from European countries will report on the status of CCPs from their point of view concerning legislation, production and utilisation.

The conference is not only to highlight positive developments in utilisation of coal combustion products (CCPs), such as increased utilisation rates and increased liftetime of concrete constructions with CCPs. Also hurdles to increased utilisation in European countries will be addressed. Furthermore, it will be demonstrated that CCPs are produced in a controlled process to meet the requirements of the industry for construction materials. By this utilisation of CCPs is a major issue of Clean Coal Technology. "Quality", "Conformity" and "Availability" will be key positions for successful utilisation of CCPs in future.

The conference will be a platform for discussion for producers and users of CCPs for members of the European Commission and the Parlament and other interested parties.

The invitation to the conference is placed below. For other information on the conference please contact the ECOBA secretariat by email (


Joachim Feuerborn from 2005-05-20